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Stag do Minibus London

Three Reasons to Choose the London Coach Company for Your Stag

That special time right before a single man steps into the world of marriage is sacred, and of course, it’s the duty of the groom’s friends to send him off in fast-paced, exciting, and memorable style.

That’s where we, the London Coach Company, come in.

Everyone wants to throw and be part of the best stag around, but the biggest obstacle in doing so is transportation. Squeezing all the mates into a cab isn’t usually possible, wandering around the streets into the night isn’t advisable (or cool), and driving a personal vehicle is very, very boring for the (drink-free) driver.

If any of these obstacles seem worrying, if throwing an unforgettable stag seems like an impossible challenge, if last-minute accommodations for a stag are needed, and/or if stylish stag transportation is appealing, read on to find the solution to the problem and what exactly makes this solution so incredible.

3. Every Mate and Then Some Can Fit on a Minibus

With the services of the London Coach Company, clients need not worry about fitting a bunch of mates into a tight and crowded car, as everyone can find room on a coach. Being jammed into a small area with friends is a buzzkill to say the least, and that’s part of the reason why the spacious and relaxing layout of our coaches is so awesome. Groups of friends can comfortably sit on our minibuses, personal space violations will be nonexistent, and accordingly, a long night of fun will be all but guaranteed.

As an added bonus, it should be mentioned that our minibuses are so spacious that extra seats are likely to pop up, and they can be issued to any new friends made during a wild and crazy stag adventure.

That’s always a plus.

2. With Minibuses, Far Travel Isn’t an Issue

It doesn’t matter if a client is off the beaten path or in the thick of the party action—far distances can be covered with ease in our minibuses. This means that staggers looking to be transported to London can initiate the trip instantly, and also, that specific destinations can be quickly navigated to. Our experienced and dedicated drivers are up for whatever navigation challenge a stag can create, and besides being quicker and simpler than hiring a taxi or walking, consider that our coaches:

–Allow every partier to, well, party, without worrying about being the designated driver

–Help clients to avoid wasting time flagging down cabs and spending money on overpriced transportation services

–Keep the party going during rides to new venues and locations

–Allow clients to bring newly made friends aboard (space permitting)

1. The Party Doesn’t Need to Stop

After a tender hour of partying excitement, there’s always one mate who, bluntly stated, conks out. These mates are always in it for a good time as opposed to a long time, but the problem is that they—as well as their fellow hour-two and hour-three sleepers—can put a damper on the fun for everyone else. Between arranging for transportation home to babysitting and everything in between, the fact of the matter is that caring for the “hard partiers” isn’t enjoyable.

Thanks to our coaches, the potentially frustrating experience won’t be an issue or a consideration. Mates who’ve had a bit too much fun can simply take a rest on the minibus—there’s no need to send them home or worry about them getting home. Furthermore, these individuals can potentially catch their second wind while on the bus, thereby being allowed to reenter a once in a lifetime night of action.

As was stated, the numerous reasons minibuses are so well-suited for stags are incredible and important. There’s no reason any group looking to have a great and safe time when sending a friend off to Planet Marriage should waste their money, sacrifice their fun, and not enjoy the best possible experience by simply waving cabs down or using a ridesharing service.

With our comfortable and luxurious minibuses, there’s room for every mate, no destination is off limits, and the party doesn’t have to stop.

Sounds pretty awesome, right?

Take a step towards being part of a tremendous stag tomorrow by contacting the London Coach Company today