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London Coach Company

Do you plan to visit London this year? Tour an internationally renowned city in style in a comfortable, well-maintained London Coach Company vehicle! You’ll appreciate the luxury of traveling in one of our attractively furnished, plush coaches or minibusses.

Relax and enjoy your trip while your experienced local driver navigates expertly through busy downtown traffic. Your group won’t regret the decision to use a London Coach Company charter: you’ll have fun and see more of the city’s unique landmarks and attractions. Simply delegate the driving and parking to us! We’ll make sure your party arrives at its destination safely and on schedule!

A Complete Coach And Hire Service

London Coach Company supplies affordably priced vehicles high-quality coaches and charter buses. We furnish numerous conveniences. Just consider some of the advantages you’ll gain by chartering one of our clean, modern vehicles for your next visit to London:

  • We supply an experienced local driver to chauffeur your group;
  • Our surprisingly affordable rates will please you;
  • Travel at any hour of the day or night on a schedule you determine;
  • Visit all the London attractions of most interest to you: landmarks, clubs, festivals, shopping malls, restaurants, and more!
  • Never worry about locating the best travel routes or parking spots- we’ll handle all those details;
  • Travel in comfort and arrive at your destination refreshed and relaxed!

Enjoy Genuinely Carefree London Travel

London Coach Hire vehicles offer other important advantages, too. We maintain a large, clean, modern fleet. Our coaches and minibuses receive regular service, so you’ll enjoy dependable transportation. Select the size and type of vehicle best suited to your needs:

  • Choose a double-decker 72-seat coach for large groups;
  • We offer full-sized coaches, too (modern buses with 49 or 53 seats);
  • Try our medium-sized coaches with seating from 28 to 35 people;
  • Use a convenient 24-seat mini coach, ideal for some tour groups;
  • Or select a stylish minibus providing seating for 8 to 16 people.

When you book a comfortable London coach hire bus or minibus, you’ll gain peace of mind knowing the vehicle transporting your group receive regular, ongoing maintenance and mechanical inspections. We maintain our fleet in excellent operating condition. We promote safety by selecting skilled, careful bus drivers, also.

Choose vehicles in the sizes and dimensions best suited for your specific travel needs. Whether you wish to schedule a courtesy shuttle to carry visitors from the airport to an intended destination, or you’d like to make a group tour bus available for excursions to landmarks of interest across the City of London or its environs, we’ll supply the attractive, luxurious coaches you require to make a great impression!

Dynamic London

As an internationally acclaimed destination for tourism, London offers a wealth of interesting activities for people of all ages. We hope you’ll decide to see this historic City in a London Coach Company charter!

  • Visit landmarks such as Buckingham Palace, Parliament, Hyde Park, and Trafalgar Square;
  • Take a bus ride to enjoy world-class shopping and dining venues;
  • Tour museums, amusement parks, and botanical gardens;
  • Attend cultural events and theatrical performances in London’s historic West End;
  • Use our minibuses to visit pubs, night spots and film festivals as a group;
  • Take regular trips to attend football matches at Emirates Stadium and other local stadiums and athletic facilities;
  • Charters our vehicles for special occasions: weddings, parties, anniversaries, graduations, and more!

You’ll appreciate the ability to travel in style in our temperature-controlled, reliable motor coaches and minibuses. We offer a flexible way to tour attractions in the Greater London Metropolitan Area any day of the year!

Our Services:

We offers clean, modern chauffeured motor coaches, buses and minibuses for hire. Use our services to enjoy your next group excursion in the London area.

The acclaimed capital city of the UK holds many unique attractions and landmarks of interest. We hope you’ll designate us as your preferred charter bus company whenever you travel in this historic metropolis!

The Advantages of Retaining a Chartered Coach:

You’ll appreciate the convenience of traveling with london coach hire. The populous City of London contains distinctive boroughs. It maintains a complex, sometime confusing, network of interconnecting roadways. Unless you possess familiarity with the local area already, driving through this urban landscape can prove challenging. We supply a genuinely carefree way to experience this remarkable, one-of-a-kind place!

For instance, just spend a moment considering some of the advantages we offer. You’ll realize why reserving our motor coaches for your group’s next excursion provides excellent value:

  • We maintain our fleet in great operating condition;
  • Our experienced local drivers already know the best routes to take to reach destinations within the London area;
  • Don’t worry about traffic detours or roadwork- we’ll make sure your group arrives on schedule;
  • Our clean, comfortable modern vehicles supply a pleasant way to travel;
  • When you use a charter service, you won’t need to worry about locating accessible parking;
  • We’ll embark at your request during any hour of the day or night to destinations you designate;
  • Allow the members of your group to arrive together at the same time;
  • Traveling in a comfortable motor coach permits the members of a group to converse during the journey;
  • Our passengers enjoy truly carefree, relaxed travel.

Why Your Group Should Choose Our Charter Service?

Why should you select London Coach Company rather than a competing charter bus service? Our firm offers customers solid value. Just consider some of the best reasons to rely on us:

  • Choose a motor coach or minibus in a size suitable for your entire group;
  • Our fleet includes a wide array of different types of motor coaches, including large 72-seat double-decker coaches , buses carrying 49 or 53 people, smaller coaches with a 28-to-35 passenger capacity, 24-seat mini-coaches and minibuses carrying from 8 to 16 people.
  • Reserve a vehicle from us on a 24/7/365 basis;
  • Hire our coaches or minibuses for a brief excursion or for long, extended tours!

HowSpend Time Exploring London?

Whether you reside full-time in the London area, or you’ve decided to schedule a visit to this dynamic city from another part of the world, you’ll have more fun traveling in comfort. We provide dependable, luxurious motor coach accommodations. Our charter service enables everyone to enjoy carefree travel.

Journey across London in style! Your group will make a great impression when you arrive at your destination in one of our modern, attractive vehicles:

  • Use one (or more) of our vehicles to provide convenient shuttle bus service;
  • Take groups to tourist destinations easily;
  • Use our vehicles for special occasions: parties, film showings, graduation celebrations, day-excursions, weddings and other memorable occasions;
  • Travel as a group to shopping and dining establishments;
  • Use a minibus to reach destinations where parking poses a problem, such as concerts, conferences or sporting events;
  • Arrive on schedule relaxed and refreshed!

Would you like to see London in Comfort?

The famed City of London boasts so many fascinating attractions, a single website cannot possibly list all of them! Every year, people flock to special events here. By choosing London Coach Hire, you’ll offer your group a better opportunity to enjoy traveling in this vibrant, thriving metropolis.

Just imagine how you’ll feel arriving at Buckingham Palace or Emirates Stadium or the National Gallery as a group. Savor the excitement of visiting a unique location without worrying about traffic, finding a suitable parking spot, or becoming separated from your travel companions. You’ll love every minute you spend journeying with a London Coach Company charter!

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